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Friday, April 18, 2014 
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    Tyler Cohen Wood
    Tyler Cohen Wood is an expert in social media and cyber issues who serves as Cyber Branch Chief for an Intelligence Agency... more
    Jeffrey Smith
    April 17
    John Berlau
    April 17
    Robert Spencer
    April 16
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    Friday, April 18, 2014 
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    Thursday, Apr 17, 2014
    We catch up with bluegrass great Ricky Skaggs, who has a new live CD Cluck Ol' Hen as well as the memoir "Kentucky Traveler: My Life In Music"
    Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014
    Boston Globe reporter Jenna Russell is co-author of the new book "Long Mile Home"
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    Are you sure you believe in horoscopes? If you're a regular America in the Morning listener, you've heard Jim intone that line above many times. Horoscopes would have you believe that everyone born on the same date has the same personality characteristics. To illustrate just what baloney that is, Jim will read the names of some of the people who share a particular birthday, and their personalities are so different, well, you just can't believe in horoscopes. (Or, can you?) Follow along as we'll periodically add to this list of examples, all of which are people not only born on the same date, but on the same day and year as well:

    4/ 7: former NFL great Tony Dorsett and martial artist/actor Jackie...  READ MORE
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    Seeds of Deception
    By Jeffrey M. Smith

    Genetic Roulette
    By Jeffrey M. Smith

    Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We're In
    By Scott Helman and Jenna Russell

    Long Mile Home: Boston Under Attack, the City's Courageous Recovery, and the Epic Hunt for Justice
    By Scott Helman and Jenna Russell

    4:09:43: Boston 2013 Through the Eyes of the Runners
    By Hal Higdon
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